Qantas Lounges

twenty4media deliver advertising to 18 screens in 4 Qantas Lounges.

Video advertising in the "Main Window" and the "Tower" achieves high visibility while other content is displayed.  This includes news, sports, business stories, and weather movies.

Qantas EpiqureQantas weatherQantas Feb 2012 news 2



Advertising that works

Advertising that achieves high frequency and recall rates you get your audience attention.


Target an Affluent Audience

Achieve cut-through to the Airline Lounge Audience of affluent travellers and business decision-makers.


Total solution

Scalable real-time network delivery. Template and customisable content. Managed solution.


News, weather, markets, sport

Photo stories sourced from the world's finest imagery. Up to date weather and forecasts. Live news and financial updates.